deatwood (deatwood) wrote,

Birthday Parties! You get the Gifts!

Not only is my book having a birthday party, but so is Harmony Ink Press!

Harmony Ink Press is hosting an anniversary bingo party in honor of the press turning two. Go take a look and read some great books for a chance to win a Kindle Fire.

And of course, on Thursday my book will be born and I'm celebrating with a party, and yes, once again, you have a chance at gifts! I am hard at work making buttons, and there will be various ways that you (yes, all of you!) can claim one for your own.


Come back here on Thursday (or any of my social media locations) and have some virtual cake and join in the celebration, and possibly go home with a gift. I hope to see you then!

If you want to get me (and Jordan!) a birthday gift, head on over to to Harmony Ink (and their parent press, Dreamspinner) where you can pre-order either an ebook or the trade paperback (don't forget, the first 20 paperbacks ordered will be signed!). The book releases on Thursday, March 6th and you will be able to download an ebook then (I think if you order the trade you get a copy of the ebook too), and the paperbacks will be mailed out. Go forth and read!
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