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Happy Birthday, Jordan!

It's time!!

It is Thursday, March 6th, and it is time for If We Shadows to go out into the wide world, into the hands of strangers, and be read.

I'm nervous. :) Just a bit!

BUT! I am also dancing around the house, celebrating and excited to share with you! I'll be taking a small blog tour, and I'll get that schedule posted shortly, but before I head on out for that, I wanted to get the party started here. And this is the kind of party where you get gifts!

For the next week, you can earn up to five chances towards prizes, AND you can score a button outright. How? I'm glad you asked...

If you buy a copy of the book (either the trade paperback or the ebook) and show me that you have it (a picture of your hand holding your ereader or the paperback is perfectly valid, I don't need faces and would prefer that you be safe online!), I will send you a button! You can pick from one of eight designs, all quotes either from or inspired by the book.

CoverArtButtonCave-Man-Speak2 Speechless FearLies

TrueToThyself TruthOfHeart TrueSightButton WeAreWhoWeAre

You will also be entered into the drawing to win a prize! I will be giving away five full sets of eight buttons plus an ebook, as well as the grand prize of a signed (personalized!) copy of the trade paperback (contingent on when I receive my copies) plus a full set of buttons. And there are many ways you can win!

All you have to do to earn entries is talk to me. You can find me on Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter and Livejournal and of course, my blog! Drop me a note and ask a question about the book, or about my writing, or why I chose any part of the book to write about (Jordan, theater, magic… pick anything!). You can ask me about non-writing things (want to know about tae kwon do? be careful, because I talk about it a lot!). You can leave Jordan a birthday card! You can just say hi if you want. Feel free to leave me existential rambles; I will definitely be amused. All I ask is please keep it PG-13!

For every place you hunt me down (FB, Tumblr, Twitter, LJ, here) you can earn another entry, up to five entries total including one for the picture (and don't forget, just by showing me you have the book, you can have a button of your choice). However, DO NOT leave your address anywhere public. PLEASE remember to be safe online and protect your information (things I say to my own teens on a regular basis).

For the record, liking/following on the various social platforms is NOT required. While I would love for y'all to stick around and listen to me chatter, I am not requiring it. That said, I hope you pull up a chair and set a while, and enjoy the company. And if you do win, I very much hope you read, enjoy, and then share your opinion of the book.

The party will be going on for a week, and on Friday, March 14th, I will draw the winners randomly from the pool of entries.

That's it! So please, settle in, have some virtual cake and enjoy the party and chat with everyone. Ask questions, introduce yourself, talk to me! I love talking to people, especially about writing. And of course, GO FORTH AND READ!

The store is open, so head on over to to Harmony Ink (and their parent press, Dreamspinner) where you can choose to buy either an ebook or the trade paperback (don't forget, the first 20 paperbacks ordered will be signed!). Jordan is waiting for you, and I hope you enjoy his story!
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